Catch up!

Well I’ve been busy I guess! School, Youth Council work, more school! Oh and yes! Lots of running!

I haven’t blogged in a while, but I’m planning on starting to write a post every couple of weeks! I guess I cannot however go without mentioning two big races I’ve done since.

First was Christchurch Marathon! My first road marathon! What an effort by a 16-year-old hah? 42.2km in 4:10:15 hours. That put me at 5th U20 male, and in the top 150 overall! It was a pity I didn’t crack that magical sub 4, but there’s always next year!

Second of all, the Ashley Forest Trail run – a beautiful 22.7km trail run through North Canterbury. With 550 metres of climbing it wasn’t a joke, and coming in at 1st Under 20 male and only 30th overall was an awesome effort. I finished in 2:07:03 hours, which was some great training! 

Its also exciting to announce to new races I’m doing in the coming half year. These will be my focuses and the big ones of the year. Taupo Ultramarathon 50km in October and the Old Ghost Ultra (85km) in February next year. Both look like incredible races and I’m honoured to be able to participate in them. I’ll keep you updated with my training, but for now, enjoy the comeback of blogging!  🙂

Thanks heaps -Yon

A training run in Wellington with dad!


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