2015 – My Running Year

This year has gone fast. As I sit here writing this blog post it is hard to comprehend that I only ran 50-60kms last year. But come January 2015 I made a decision to turn my running life around and actually run rather than talk about it.

Racing started in late January when I set a goal to run a half marathon. My first half marathon was the St James Homestead Half in which I competed with my father. It was a hot day and there were a few hard climbs but, in the end, we made it to the finish line. I finished in just over two and a half hours and placed first in the under 20 category.

Next came the Oxford Odyssey organised by Kerry Uren on Mt Oxford. This was to be my first trail running event. I raced in the 15km race and finished in 1 hour 51 minutes. I was happy with how the race went and was excited to start training on some more trails. I believe this was my turning point from being a road runner to being a trail runner!

Racing was quiet in February. I had no races but did help out as a volunteer at my father’s first ultramarathon (Bedrock50). He did extremely well and finished strong. It was great to give back to the running community.

In March, I raced the City to Surf. It was compulsory for my year group to either run or walk this race. I chose the longer option (14km) and ran it. Of course, it was to be a very fast course so learning to not speed off at the start was key. I got there in the end in a time of 1 hour 10 minutes. I was happy that I completed it, but there was some stuff to improve on.

I didn’t race again until May where I raced in my school cross country event. At a distance of 3.2km, I knew I could easily complete the distance, but the question was could I make Top 10? Starting off, a bit too fast I clocked the first lap (1.6km) in a fast 6.10 minutes. But for the second lap I slowed down and finally finished in 11th. I was happy with the result but disappointed that I couldn’t hold a fast pace the whole way.

My next race was the Christchurch Half Marathon. It was perfect conditions and I knew I had a shot at a PB. I started off a little fast as I always do, but kept a good consistent pace till the end. It was a PB and a good one too! I finished in 1 hour 55 minutes and 44 seconds. My father ran the marathon doing very well in that while my brother and mother both ran/walked the 10km event. It was a great day out!

Next came the North Loburn fun run in September. It’s a lovely race with a gradual climb/descent. It is an out and back course which follows a road through pine forest. I completed the race in just over 48 minutes and placed about 15th overall.

Hellers Pegasus fun run was next. I raced the 5km event in which there were about 500 hundred people. I messed this race up and started to fast. But finished in the end. I finished in 9th place but could have easily placed in the top 3. Better luck next time!

After a range of short races and training runs, it was time to get back into my half marathons. In the space of two weeks, I raced two half marathons. The Bridge to Bridge Clarence Challenge and the Lodge to Lodge Half Marathon. These were both hard races with a bit of climbing. One was trail and the other road so it made for an interesting few weeks. I finished the Clarence race in just under two hours, while in the Lodge to Lodge I ran a PB in 1 hour 54 minutes and 32 seconds! I was stoked and even better my father did well placing in the top 3 of his category in both races. My brother and mother did well in the 10km event of the Lodge to Lodge.

Next came the big marathon! You can see the full race report here. But what I will tell you is the statistics: 42.2km, 3200m+ of vertical climbing and three mountains climbed. It was a hard day. But I finished in 8 hours 41 minutes. A great effort for my age.

My last race for 2015 was the Hanmer Alpine Marathon. A full race report can be found here. I just missed out on a PB but placed 3rd in the under 17 category. I was extremely happy and it was great to catch up with many friends who we know through running. Thanks for a great event as always Hanmer Holiday Homes!

Well, this year has gone fast. With 13 half marathons and one full marathon under my belt, I have to say I’m proud. Thanks to all the race directors for a great year of racing and a thank you to the Kepes family for a great year full of memories.

Yeah okay, the stats. Well, I ran 901km’s this year! It’s a bit more than 60km. I climbed over 15,000 metres and spent over 100 hours running. I would write down my goals, but I’m in a rush to get to the airport for a flight to Nepal where we’re going trekking for a month. I will track a few of the days. You’ll get a write up sure enough in early January! Have a great year and thanks for reading!

Strava profile can be found here.




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