Hanmer Alpine Marathon 2015

Today I raced my last running event for 2015. It was the Hanmer Holiday Homes Alpine Marathon. My father raced the full marathon, I did the half marathon and my mother and brother raced in the 10km event.

The half marathon started 8km’s north of the Saint James Homestead, in the Molesworth Station. We started at 9.30am and were met by the lead full marathoners as we set out (dad happened to be one of them!). Our first five kilometres were over a flat, never ending gravel road. It was hard work (mentally), but the tailwind helped.

After a quick drink at the 5km drink station, we continued towards the Saint James Homestead. The gravel road curved around the river to the homestead. Short, sharp climbs made for an interesting second 5km! From the homestead, we curved along the road to the 10km drink station. Here I had a Hammer Gel (grape flavour) and a quick chat to the Boy Scouts who were handing out water.

From here we ran another 3km before we hit the hill… It was tough going and the sun beating down on us wasn’t pleasant. But I made it to the saddle of Jacks Pass in 15 minutes. I realised at the drink station that I was very dehydrated. So I downed six cups of sports drink… Maybe not such a good idea!

From the top of Jacks Pass there is a 500-metre descent over 5.5km’s to the finish line. As easy as it sounds, it wasn’t. I started getting stomach pains at 18k and then cramp at 19km. But I finished… Unfortunately, it wasn’t a PB today but it was a good race.

I finished in 1 hour 56 minutes which was very good considering the climbing we had to do. Placing third in the U17 category and 46th overall! Thank you to Hanmer Holiday Homes and the other sponsors for a great event. We’ll see you next year!


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