Mission Mt Grey

Today I did a mission up and around Mt Grey. I was joined by my father who ran and my brother who mountain biked. We started our run at the Lake Janet Carpark, where we followed a steep overgrown single track up to the Fire Department Lookout. We were climbing around 120 metres per kilometre! At the lookout, we waited for my brother to complete the climb on his bike.

After a white chocolate Cliff Bar, we kept climbing to the cell phone tower (technically the South Summit in Everest terms). It was a gradual climb and took about 10 minutes. From here on all we had to do was descend down a steep slope, and then climb back up the other side and we were at the trig. It was windy, so we snapped a quick selfie and left.

Our route down was towards the Grey River Carpark which is four kilometres west of Lake Janet. We descended quickly along the single track losing close to 120 metres per kilometre. It was quick and after a few tumbles and cuts we made it to the Grey River Carpark. It was very hot, so we ate a PowerBar quickly and started the last of the climbs back up to Lake Janet.

The going was tough, but we arrived after about twenty minutes. It was a nice run, and really good to get some proper climbing/descending in a long-ish run.

You can find the full Strava trace here.


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